Monday, June 4, 2007

" The 7 Levels of Investor "

Learn The Seven Fast Track Money Steps To Financial Freedom
By John R. Burley

“If you reach for the stars, you might not quite get one, but you won’t end up with a handful of mud, either.” Leo Burnett

What type of investor are you? Have your investment experiences been positive, negative, or mixed? Would you like to know why you get the results (positive or negative) that you get when you invest? Of course you would!

Good news. I am here to tell you why you get the results that you do! Over the past 20 years, I have devoted myself to the study of money. I have driven myself to know exactly how it works and why. I have read every book, watched every video, and listened to every tape I could find on the subject. Over that same period, I have interviewed, counseled, and trained thousands of people in relation to the practices of wealth building.

During my in-depth study of what I refer to as the “Money Game,” I made a startling discovery. Despite the many and varied personality types in the world, there are really only Seven Basic Types (or Levels) of Investor. And while it is common for an individual to drift a little from one investor type to another, most
people will stay fixed at one level for their entire lives. The bad news is that they are often “stuck” at a level which prevents their financial success. The good news is that anyone, with a little effort, including you, can easily upgrade his or her investment skills.

The first step to upgrading yourself is to identify what type of investor you really are. Knowing this will give you a clear awareness of why you get (or do not get) the investment results you desire. With this new awareness you can adopt (or maintain) the attitudes required for your desired level. You can then invigorate this awareness with appropriate action, to give yourself the results you so richly deserve. "

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